Iain Martin

Skipedia offers marketing consultancy for the travel industry, particularly for the market we know best – snowsports.

Our close working relationship with our sister company Expedient Marketing & PR allows us to offer an integrated portfolio of marketing services to clients.  In addition, we work closely with a team of specialists hand-picked to offer the best graphic design and website design.

Iain has been working in the travel industry since his first ski season in 1988/89.   His connection to ski resorts, however, goes right back to 1962, and his first ski business was in the 80s.

Prior to Skipedia, Iain founded Natives.co.uk – the season workers’ website.

The company was started in 1999 in a one-bedroom flat in Twickenham and has grown to become an integral part of the British snowsports industry.

In 2006, Iain sold a majority share in the company to the Friday Media Group, and May 2011 left Natives to form Skipedia.

As well as running Skipedia, Iain also writes for various publications about ski, travel and adventure sports, between parenting twins and training for triathlons.