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'Out with the old, in with the new': Ski Boot Fit at Profeet

‘Out with the old, in with the new': Ski Boot Fit at Profeet

I’ve known Profeet – either via Natives or Skipedia – since they were founded by Hamish Wolfenden in 2001. While I’ve tried out their Run Lab several times, it was only last month that I first experienced the ski boot fit service. I can’t believe I waited so long! Vintage 1997 ski boots I worked my lastski season...
New French/English 'Ski Instructor' Phrasebook

New French/English ‘Ski Instructor’ Phrasebook

When we first read about the new ‘Passe-Partout’ English/French phrasebook for ski resort professionals, we did wonder if someone was having a cheeky joke. The last few seasons have seen two British/French legal actions, with Le Ski’s ‘ski hosting’ case and Simon Butler‘s still going through the appeal process. Time for an entente? So maybe...
The Alternative Snow Awards

The Alternative Snow Awards

Last week the London Ski and Snowboard Show was held at Earls Court. Normally we’d write up a ’23 Snippets from the Ski Show’ type of post, but in the wake of the World Snow Awards we thought we’d announce our own award winners, based on our observations last week. Biggest Newcomer to the Industry...
'I'm a modern-day Batman' says anti-ESF campaigner

‘I’m a modern-day Batman’ says anti-ESF campaigner

These are difficult days for the ESF in the UK. The current legal cases against Simon Butler and Le Ski have stirred up plenty of negative sentiment within the British market against the ESF. Both cases – which deal with different aspects of the law – are currently at different points in the appeal process,...
38 Soundbites from the LISTEX 2014 Ski Forum

38 Soundbites from the LISTEX 2014 Ski Forum

Skipedia attended this week’s London International Ski Trade Exchange forum, moderating and presenting at several sessions. There was such a huge amount covered over the two days, it’s impossible to do justice to it all, but here’s a taster of what was under discussion: Ski 2 The Moon There were 90,000 downloads of Skitracks last...
Caesar Crowdsourcing For ESF Graffiti Art

Caesar Crowdsourcing For ESF Graffiti Art

Regular visitors to Skipedia may recall our suggestion that Banksy had visited Meribel last winter season. This homage to Banksy’s famous ‘Kissing Policemen’ was seen on on the Altiport chairlift in March 2014:   Render unto Caesar… We can reveal that the artist behind this work is in fact Caesar and he has plans for...