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Why It's Not Cool To Make Sexist Snowboards (& six other thoughts)

Why It’s Not Cool To Make Sexist Snowboards (& six other thoughts)

We search the Interweb for the best and latest insights into the world of snowsports so you don’t have to. Here are this week’s seven super snippets:   1. Go Eskimo, Go Nosepost Will you ever control your smartphone with your nose?  You will if you download the Nosepost app. This amusing video explains how...
Was Channel 4's 'The Jump' fixed?

Was Channel 4’s ‘The Jump’ fixed?

It’s been a month now since the second season of ‘The Jump’ on Channel 4 finished, and how we miss it. But was there trouble in paradise? More viewers, fewer injuries It’s fair to say that it was a success. Viewing figures were up and the consensus was that it was a big improvement, thanks to more...
The 10 Best Apps You've (Probably) Never Heard Of

The 10 Best Apps You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

There are now over a million apps available on IoS and Android devices. Only 14% of smartphone users don’t use an app at all on a regular basis, and according to Neilson’s most recent research, the average number of apps used per month is 26.8.   So which apps should make it onto your phone?...
The Inevitable Rise of Virtual Reality in Travel

The Inevitable Rise of Virtual Reality in Travel

The forum at the Travel Technology Show at London Olympia this week included some fascinating insights into the future of travel. Virtual Reality is here While the chat about drones and big data were interesting, Anthony Ganjou’s presentation on Virtual Reality was mind-blowing – as was his demonstration of the Samsung Gear VR device. Ganjou...
If Nigel Farage owned a Landrover...this would be the numberplate

If Nigel Farage owned a Landrover…this would be the numberplate

Following on from our blog post ‘The Best Personalised Numberplates in the Alps‘, we wondered if this one could be owned by Nigel Farage?   And on the off-chance this doesn’t make any sense to you, try this link…     Article by Iain Martin
Is 'Force Majeure' - a movie set in Les Arcs - worth watching?

Is ‘Force Majeure’ – a movie set in Les Arcs – worth watching?

Force Majeure is a new Swedish/French movie not yet released in the UK, but which has already won the Jury prize at Cannes and been nominated for a Golden Globe as ‘Best Foreign Language Film’. What’s the story? The plot revolves around an avalanche ‘near-miss’ near the start of the film.  The family of four...