Although nothing to do with snowsports, this recent campaign by Brighton running technique company, Stride UK, impressed me.

I run along the front in Brighton on a regular basis and had noticed a number of stencils on the pavement asking ‘How’s my running?‘ Hundreds of people run along this strip every day, so it was a well-targetted question.

How's your running stencil

Well? How is it?

Like all good teasers, it left me wondering who was asking it…? After a couple of weeks, I found out:

Stride UK

You couldn't miss this...

Although they did get a telling off from the council, the stencils weren’t removed (maybe they thought they were Banksy’s), and the campaign was seen by runners in the lead-up to, and during, the Brighton Marathon.

I really liked this campaign because it showed great imagination, provoked interest, and delivered strong branding. It’s a great example of how guerrilla marketing can break through the clutter.