I’ll be honest with you, I still don’t really know what Omni-Heat is (although you can find out here).  But this ad made me want to have it.

Like everyone I have a limited amount of time to consume an ever increasing amount of media.  But when I was flicking through the ‘Daily Mail Ski and Snowboarding Magazine‘ last month, I stopped at this page.

Check out this guy.  He’s buried in snow.  In a snowstorm.  And that jacket is really shiny.  He must be freakin cold. But hey, did I say how shiny that jacket was?

I don’t have to read the small print: I know that Omni-Heat has something to do with shiny jacket linings.  That probably keep you warm. And the Columbia logo at the bottom right means that the next time I’m in Snow+Rock I’ll be checking them out.

Omni-heat - I want it...