This advert by the French ski resort of Les Menuires (taken from ‘Ski and Board’ magazine) struck me as a classic example of an advertiser thinking about what works for them rather than what will work for their target market.

On the face of it , it’s a cute idea.  What is the inscrutable Bombadier thinking of?  Skiing in Les Menuires, of course.  And why not, it’s a well-located resort in a great ski area.

However, your average Brit couldn’t give two hoots about the changing of the guard.  They are much more likely to spend a weekend in London shopping, than trying to make the Queen’s protectors smile.  This ad is more likely to confuse them than intrigue them.

Overseas, it is a different story.  The myth of the British Guards is an essential box to tick for any tourist.  But to use it as your core advertising campaign to the British market is a mistake.

An ill-thought out ad by Les Menuires

I’m willing to bet that this concept was originated by a French agency or most likely by the resort themselves.  Please feel free to correct me.  And Les Menuires, if you want any help understanding the British snowsports market, please do get in touch.