White_gumYou may have noticed our Tweet about this yesterday, but Shaun White, Olympic gold medal winning snowboarder, and one of the few snowsports stars to make it to superstardom, has attached his name to a new minty chewing gum.

White will appeal to younger chewers
‘Whitemint’, produced by Kraft Foods is unusual in that it is named after the star, rather than just endorsed by him.

Maurice Herrera, senior director of United States gum brands for Kraft, said that White will appeal to younger ‘chewers’.

He told the New York Times, “A lot of 10- to 12-year-olds hold Shaun in high esteem.”

Ad campaign hits hard
I wonder what those impressionable young kids will think of this first ad then, as a distracted White looks up from his iPhone to ask a yeti pal to punch a man in the stomach.

Charming.  Still, I guess it pays the bills, Shaun?

This guy likes it, at least.


[In the meantime, the second most famous snowboarder in the world, Travis Rice, is earning his bucks making ski movies. There’s an interesting debate on the merits of both methods of making a living and the credibility attached to them here.]