Yesterday, the excellent London Freeze event posted a QR code onto our Facebook page.

No problem with that. It’s great use of Facebook, but we found the image they posted interesting – a QR code, with the instruction to get out your smart phone and scan it to get a 10% discount on tickets.

QR codes

Confusing black lines or exciting new idea?

Isn’t it a waste of time using a QR code online?
All QR codes are simply a link to a URL, so why didn’t London Freeze simply post the link to the discount? Presumably more people would take up the offer. It certainly seems counter-intuitive to ask a user to hold their phone up to their laptop screen then view the link on their phone.

Here’s the upside:

– Anyone actually using QR codes on their mobile is an early adopter
– If they’re an early adopter, they are likely to be an influencer, who can create invaluable word of mouth support
– It also positions the London Freeze as a cool brand using sexy technology

Most people don’t understand what QR codes are, but if the use of it generates desire, then that’s a marketing job well done.

By Iain Martin