If you saw the Sunday Times this weekend, like us at Skipedia, you may have noticed this cheeky full-page advert in the Sunday Times:

Directski lay down the gauntlet...

The ‘Our Dad’ campaign
TheST ad must have cost Directski a few bob, as well as incurring the wrath of Britain’s largest ski tour operator, Crystal Holidays.   But following the confrontational adverts run by easyJet (against BA) and RyanAir (against BA again), Directski have turned this into a multi-media promotional campaign.

Directski’s story (presumably true) is that Crystal phoned Tony Collins, father of Neal and Anthony Collins, the brothers who run the company.  Apparently they complained about a mailshot where Directski claimed their prices were significantly cheaper for equivalent properties to Crystal.

Two fingers up to Crystal…
Directski have subsequently stuck up two massive fingers to Crystal by building a complete campaign around the issue. You can view their specially created blog here, and their ‘Come on, show us what you’ve got!’ video here:

Good, bad or plain silly?
I quite like the cheeky nature of this campaign.  It’s a great idea and should get them a lot of attention.

On the other hand, the video (which pulls in ex-heavyweight world champion boxer Frank Bruno and yet another yeti) comes across as gauche, and loses much of the goodwill gained from this otherwise humorous response.

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Thanks to Phin at Putney Chiropractic for bringing this story to our attention

By Iain Martin