The Roc Merlet Derby in Courchevel 1650 has been one of the classic season worker events since…well, no one seems to be exactly sure when it started. But it was definitely going on in 1995, as shown in this poster.

This end of season event sees competitors take a rare chance to hoon from the top of 1650 to the bottom as fast as they dare go in a ‘Chinese’ downhill.

Starting at 2500m and dropping to 1600m, it’s not always the fastest descent in the world, but for the amateurs it’s one of the few times you can reach top speed without worrying about taking out a ski school group!  It’s a truly thrilling experience that Skipedia highly recommends.

Health and safety fears led to it being mothballed for a few years (the lip at the Bel Air restaurant has claimed a few victims), but recently it’s been back, and hopefully to stay for many more years.

Derby du Roc Merlet

Le Derby du Roc Merlet 1995

Thanks to the Courchevel Enquirer for their help in putting this article together.