‘Your season starts here’
With just two days to the Metrosnow.co.uk London Ski and Snowboard Show, I found myself admiring this ad over the weekend.

That strapline ‘Your season starts here’ gets it in one.  The season really does start with the London Show.

London Ski Show poster

‘The season starts here’

But what about Twitter?
I would have liked the poster even more if they’d included their Twitter hashtag #skishow11 or even a mention of Twitter as well. There’s been some good activity around the hashtag already and it’s helped create some pre-show excitement.

If you really want people to use a hashtag and build ‘trending’ volume, you need to promote as widely as possible.

The two examples below demonstrate good use of hashtags, albeit on TV.  The Sharp ad was running last month during ITVs international football coverage.  The example from Audi was used during the last Superbowl.

Other well-used Twitter tags on television you may have seen include #thekillingc4 and #HIGNFY, both of which have been very effective at increasing audience participation.

Sharp Twitter campaign

#thisiswhy by Sharp

Hashtags by Audi

#Progressis by Audi