It is a dark time for the galaxy…

Following the success of the Star Wars series of movies, Lucasfilm has so much power that it has franchised out the brand to every possible corner of the galactic Empire.

A small band of rebels, known as Burton Snowboards, have refused to accept this.

Their belief in the ‘Force’ – a mystical energy that compels parents to spend money on their children – has driven them to search for weaknesses in the Empire defences.

The rebels have discovered a small flaw in the design of Lucasfilm’s corporate structure: a large profit, aimed directly at the shareholders, will allow even more products to be franchised.

Acting quickly, Burton has developed two new ‘youth’ snowboarding products: a RED helmet called the ‘Avid Grom R2-D2’ and a limited edition series of Chopper Star Wars snowboards for kids.

They’re no bigger than a womp-rat, but are expected to be the perfect gift for Star Wars fans…