eBay launch shop with QR codes only
We at Skipedia were interested to read that eBay will be opening a pop-up shop in Soho this Christmas.

The shop will stock 200 lines of products, but have no tills.  The only way to buy the products will be through the eBay mobile app. Cash and credit cards will not be accepted.

Buyers must scan a product’s QR code with the eBay mobile app, which will take them to the relevant product page on the eBay website.

QR codes in snowsports
Following on from our recent posts on Skipedia about the use of QR codes in the industry – both online and recently at the London Ski & Snowboard Show – we were thinking about other possible applications:

An example of QR code use by Visit Finland

A ski or snowboard retailer could add QR codes to the price tag for each product.  Sales staff would still be required to help customers and could inform them that if they buy online using the QR code they get an additional bonus such as a free first service or a discount from the product.

Many customers research offline and buy online already, so this is a chance to increase the chance that they buy from you.

Tour Operators
An obvious starting point (already being used to a certain extent by Crystal Holidays) is to include QR codes in printed brochures, allowing customers quick links to their web pages for the relevant resort or properties.

Other uses could include reps in resort using QR codes in welcome packs and information boards linking to their apres-ski programme.   Postcards or flyers could be given to guests at the end of their holiday offering a discount on a future booking if they use the QR code provided.

Bars in resort
A bar could use a QR code as part of their promotions for Happy Hour.   Displayed as part of a poster in a prominent position, holiday makers could scan the code taking them to a voucher for a special drinks deal.  They would simply need to show the voucher on their phone to the bar staff when they make their order.

Tell us your thoughts
These are just a few suggestions.  Smart phone use is only going to increase as we move through this decade.  It remains to be seen if QR codes will be the standard, but businesses that have a mobile strategy in place will be the best placed to take advantage of the drift to handheld devices.

Please feel free to comment and add your own thoughts below.

By Iain Martin