Snowboarding plunges new depths.

The nadir of the commercialisation of snowboarding must surely have now been reached with the news that a British company are combining snowboarding with urinating.

Even Shaun White wouldn’t stoop this low
At Skipedia, we recently looked at Shaun White’s foray into the world of chewing gum.

You might feel that if he can earn money out of it then he might as well.  Or you might wonder (with many others) if he might just be selling out.

Not the image snowboarding is looking for
But it’s difficult to see how urinals are going to take snowboarding forward as a sport.

This hilarious game allows ‘users’ to aim left and right to steer a snowboarder down a video screen installed above the urinal.

Taking the piss?
The alleged purpose is to direct the flow and reduce cleaning time.

Noble as this is, our inevitable conclusion is that they are simply taking this piss…