The tiny Swiss village of  Obermutten has shown just how simple social media is…

The hamlet of 79 residents promised that when anyone likes their Facebook page they would print off their profile and pin it up in the village.

The pictures quickly filled up the town’s main noticeboard, and now they are using the side of a barn to post the pictures.

Within 3 days they had over 1000 fans.   Now they have over 12,000.

“Obermutten is developing a personal relationship with its guests. Here it’s not a question of the total volume, but of each individual one. Why shouldn’t this be the same for us in the internet?” said Martin Wyss, Mutten’s village president, who releases regular updates via their YouTube channel.

Given the recent spoof about gold in Crans Montana, we suspect some PR involvement, but maybe it does just show how how simple social media is when it’s done well.

By Iain Martin