This advert we noticed in the papers at the weekend quite simply annoyed the Skipedia team.

1. ‘The gift you can’t wait to give‘ – Purlease…don’t make us sick! John Lewis might want us to believe that the world of their Christmas ‘event’ adverts exists in real life, but we all know that it’s only grannies who suffer from altruism like this at Xmas.  Anyone else who can’t wait to give an iPad has probably bought it for their partner/kids because they just want to play Angry Birds on a bigger screen.

2. ‘iPad 2 is the best way to do email, web browsing, photos and the other things you do every day’ – Oh yeh?  Well in the words of the world of pantomime – Oh no it’s not!   An iPad is a groovy gadget, but while it might sneak ahead of the laptop for mindlessly wasting time on the sofa on YouTube while half-watching X Factor, as anyone who has hands larger than a five year old’s will tell you, it is definitively not the best way to ‘do’ email.   And as for ‘the other things you do every day’, unless you only use your laptop strictly for ‘fun’, then it’s hard to know where to start.

Is there a better way to sell iPads than John Lewis’ sickly sweet effort?   Oh, yes there is…!

Oh, no it isn't...!