We loved this recent campaign by Schweitzer Mountain Resort in Idaho, tying together YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Barbie in a whole load of fun.

A compelling video
Normally a 3:20 video would be pushing the boundaries, but despite featuring Barbie and very little snowboard or ski action, we couldn’t help watching to the end.  Lesson – good content always wins the day.

Great Engagement
Could we help find the anti-snow device?  Well, no.  We were too late.  But plenty of their Facebook and Twitter fans followed the clues and Leah and Sidney eventually saved the resort – achieving some great engagement along the way.

With 74 likes and 29 comments, Schweitzer Mountain were winners as well...

But where is Barbie?

The problem with such great engagement is that the truth will out.  Apparently Barbie is really a Bratz (we missed that detail).

So where is the real Barbie?  I’m sure Schweitzer will follow up with an answer in their next great campaign.