While at Slide yesterday, we took the opportunity to speak to Midge Whyte, founder of Bawbags – a brand that is getting bigger and bigger.

Whyte was looking for a new idea after previous clothing ventures and was thinking about a range of ‘Bawbags’ tshirts.  But it was noticing a bunch of yoofs showing off their pants in low-slung troos  that he realised that the Bawbags range couldn’t be anything but underwear.

Four years later, Bawbags adorn the nether regions of celebrities around the world.  Local Edinburgh boy Gavin Hastings recently wore his while tackling Kilimanjaro, while Strictly Come Dancing winner, Harry Judd, and his McFly colleagues bought 30 or so when they came into the shop while on tour.  Other celebrity fans include Take That and Paolo Nutini.

Heart of Midlothian, Rasta, Ants in your Pants – some of the designs on offer

Scottish wind helps Bawbags
In a tough retail climate, Bawbags has seen growth of 25-30% in the last year alone.  This was helped by the naming of Scotland’s worst hurricane for ten years as Hurricane…Bawbag.

‘Sales from our website went up 800% that day,’ Whyte told Skipedia.  ‘I have a friend who lives in Korea who told me that Bawbags were even on the news over there.’

More Bawbags on display at Slide

So not only do they have groovy designs and great success, but as is the way of many brands that generate strong loyalty, such as Howies and Patagonia, Bawbags does its bit for charity, donating £4500 last year to Everyman – the testicular cancer campaign.

If you haven’t heard of Bawbags yet, then beware – Bawbags are getting bigger!