Does January 2009 seem like yesterday?   That month a whole 0.9% of internet usage was using mobile phones.   Three years later in January 2012, it’s 8.5%.

Mobile is the future

Let’s look at those numbers:

Global use of mobile devices to access Internet (excludes tablets)

Jan 2009: 0.7 percent
Jan 2010: 1.6 percent
Jan 2011: 4.3 percent
Jan 2012: 8.5 percent

Source: StatCounter Global Stats

Mobiles and Tablets dominant already in the evening
This graph below taken from Comscore by LeJournalduNet shows how mobile phones and tablets have already overtaken PC usage at certain times of the day, particularly after 6pm and before work in the morning.

What will usage be in the future?
Now have a think about this level of growth and take a guess about what the percentages will be in 2015 or maybe even 2018.

Are you ahead or behind the curve?
Have a think about how your business is preparing for this mobile revolution.   What’s your mobile strategy?  What percentage of your current traffic comes from mobile?  Will you create a new mobile site, or adapt your existing one to be responsive?   Will you convert your brochure and website into an app?

If you’d like some help developing a strategy to navigate the mobile revolution, then please contact us