Skipedia was at Slide – the UK trade show aimed at actionsport and streetwear retailers – yesterday, taking a look at the new products coming to the UK market in 2012.   With a focus on brands, here’s our round-up of the highlights:

Bawbags booming…!
This success story is one we are so delighted to share, you can read a whole separate blog post about it.   If you don’t want to take the link, here’s the summary: a brand that’s growing 25-30% in a tough retail market.  Top work, Bawbags.

Heart of Midlothian, Rasta, Ants in your Pants - some of the designs on offer

POV becomes an acronym that most people understand
This feels like the year that headcams have come of age.  The technology is now so good and so simple that anyone can use them and, for better or worse, upload their results to Facebook within minutes.

Drift Innovation made a statement with a huge stand, equipped with a snowmobile and some top of the range products.

Olivia from Drift tries out their skidoo

What also caught our eye was the Headcamz casing for an iPhone (seen in the photo below).  While larger than some of the other cams, it means one less item for users to buy.  They can also edit their video on the phone itself and upload to social networks within minutes.

Slot your iPhone in the orange attachment and film away...

Shaun White comes to the UK

We have been critical of the world’s most famous snowboarder before, but bikes, skateboards and scooters are sort of products you’d expect him to be producing (rather than chewing gum and bed linen).

The Riders Lounge will be distributing the Shaun White Supply Co range from this summer, after its launch in Las Vegas in October 2011.  We expect all these products to fly out the door.  The prices are reasonable and they have Shaun White’s name on them – what more does a 13 year old boy need?

Ally from distributors The Riders Lounge with the new Shaun White range to rebrand
It’s not all products at Slide and we also caught up with Tim Holmes, Head of Snowsports at VOS Media.   VOS have recently decided to rebrand their snowsports website from to, effective from April 2012.

The ‘Metro’ in the website name was a hangover from the days when the ‘Metro’ newspaper used to sponsor the event, and as they are no longer the headline sponsor, it makes sense to change it.  There will also be a new Facebook page in due course.

Dare2b continue apace
Another of the larger stands was by the young brand Dare2b, which only started four years ago as a spin-off from sister company Regatta.

Their Mountain Lounge zone on their website, and their sponsorship of the highly entertaining ‘War and Piste’ book and Alpine tour are both examples of the efforts made to stay ‘authentic’.

The Dare2b stand

Slide 2012 is on at the Telford International Centre from 12-14 February.

By Iain Martin