The launch of Facebook’s new Timeline for Pages has thrown up some interesting challenge for brands already.

However, one change that was announced last week seems to have slipped under the radar – with Timeline it will be possible to look at any brand Page and review the success of their recent activity.

Review your competitors’ activity
Simply by clicking the ‘Likes’ button on any Timeline-enabled page, any visitor can see a graph showing the ‘People Talking About This‘ metric and and a new figure (that doesn’t even appear in Insights) – ‘New Likes Per Week’.

Click on 'Likes' to view any Pages' stats

So from 30 March 2012, if one of your competitors is running a competition or a specific promotion, you can simply take a look yourself to see how effective it has been at increasing their fan base and engagement.

Follow your competitors' metrics

This is certainly a big step on from simply being able to see the number of ‘Likes’ and ‘PTAT’ at any point.  It’s a much greater insight into any Page’s activity.  So why the change?

The simple answer is to motivate brands to try harder to increase their own figures.  Facebook is only going to work if it increases revenue.  Persuading brands to pay to promote their posts, and so increase their engagement is a fundamental part of that strategy.