It all started with Old Spice.  They saw their sales double thanks to their infamous and innovative YouTube campaign in 2010.

Surely you must have seen it?  Still, it’s always worth watching again…

This campaign included creating individually tailored video answers to comments made online…

Despite its incredible success, Old Spice raised the bar again when they introduced a new strapline ‘Smell is Power’, and a new style of ad, which was again at the cutting edge of innovation.

This entertaining ad starts off for another brand entirely (Bounce is real brand, also owned by P&G), before Old Spice comes crashing in:

With the bar raised this high, viral videos will never be the same again.  Innovation and out-of-the-box thinking is essential now to break through the clutter of material available.

This clever advert is a massive step on from the standard style they previously used.  In just two weeks, it already has over 3.6 million views.  Take a look and see why:

What is the secret of a viral video?  Sadly, that’s still a question that no one can answer with 100% certainty.

But companies like Old Spice and the Dollar Shave Club are showing that when you do find the right recipe, our fondness of sharing ‘cool’ things via social media means your reach can almost be limitless.