Despite delays in its release, SSX (2012) was widely welcomed when it hit the shops last week.

The new release incorporates superb graphics and features, including ice axes to descend into a cave and a wingsuit section set in in Patagonia.  It even features ‘Art of Flight‘ star Travis Rice.

The game has its own Facebook and Twitter page, and of course a YouTube channel, but what we liked best was the mini-comic that came with a recent issue of White Lines.

Print can still work, when used well
Even a ground-breaking game like SSX has to fight to get consumers’ attention, and this proves that print – when used creatively – still has value.

The 18-page comic tells a couple of short stories, showing locations and characters from the game, and finishes with bios of some of the characters.

It manages to capture the dynamism and excitement of a video game – in print – proving that when used creatively, print is not dead yet.

This A5 size, 18 page comic will have gained plenty of attention


Action from the game told in storyboard format

Character bios help build anticipation

So print is not dead yet, but it still doesn’t compare with YouTube for really letting you know what you’re in for…