And if that’s not the strangest headline you read today, you’re probably a fan of the National Enquirer!

Seriously though, we know that sex sells, even in the ski industry.  Tignes rely on it, and it’s also worked for Les Portes du Soleil and Mt Norquay in Canada.

One for the Ladies

One for the Ladies from Tignes

Penguins sell too!

But it turns out that penguins sell as well.  These strangely anthromorphic birds seem to appeal, as proved by technology company ASUS in a recent Facebook campaign.

The company posted this photo and asked their fans to say how many penguins they could see in the picture:

Aww, look...penguins!

Research by Wave Metrix showed that the photo generated over 700% more comments than the average post by ASUS, and 15% more likes.

That’s great engagement and will have significantly helped their EdgeRank.


So, the moral of the lesson.  Put a penguin in your marketing.  Or sex.   Probably.

 By Iain Martin