At Skipedia we are always looking out for great practice on Facebook.

STA Facebook app is one of the best

This great competition app currently running on the STA Travel Facebook page is one of the best we’ve seen.   Developed in partnership with Tourism Australia, the campaign has been designed to increase youth travel to Australia.

The app is nicely presented on their Facebook page, with a strong call to action on the app image, but it’s once you click through the fun starts, as you are welcomed by their ‘careers advisor’ Ned.

You can’t stop watching…!

Ned delivers great engagement

It would be lovely if we could all invest in a design heavy campaign like this, but we’ve seen plenty of attempts that have cost enough, but failed completely.

This works because it is incredibly ‘sticky’ (to use a phrase from the Noughties). The design is clear and the calls to action are obvious.  Ned is so engaging that you keep watching and ultimately you are almost compelled to ‘like’ the page.

You never know, if we’re lucky, we might just win a working holiday to Oz…