Last week saw two excellent improvements by Facebook to features available to page owners.

Schedule posts within Facebook
Firstly, it is now possible to schedule posts to go live at a specific time within Facebook.  Previously page owners had to use third party applications such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.

Now all page owners need to do is to click the clock at the bottom left of the status update box, and select year, month, date and time.  You can pre-schedule updates up to six months in advance.

Allocate different admin roles
Admins can now set admins into five different roles, giving different privileges.  The graphic below shows which tasks each role has permission for.

It’s very straightforward to set up.  simply to go your Edit Page area, choose Admin Roles and set up as required:

Well done, Facebook!
So often it feels that we at Skipedia are criticising Facebook for their inability to produce simple functionality that works.  This time they’ve got it right, with two well thought out and useful innovations.