Facebook used to be philosophical, encourage us to share our innermost thoughts, explore the workings of the mind.   Do you remember?

Back in the old days, we were asked ‘What’s on your mind?’

I want to tell you a story

But nothing (on Facebook) stays the same for long.  Now we are being asked to ‘Tell your friends a story…’.

Seriously, a story?  I know it’s not Twitter and we have up to 420 characters, but is that what we are using Facebook for?   Admittedly, most Facebook posts are selective.  No one posts about how their failings, but I don’t see many stories being told.

On the other hand, maybe Facebook is still as philosophical as ever.  Because every post you make (unless you specify otherwise) is added to your Timeline, you are writing the story of your life.

There’s no need for memoirs any more – just check out my Timeline.

Brand pages get short shrift

The advice for brand pages is less flowery: ‘Write something…’.  And so you should.

By Iain Martin