British Airways

Did British Airways take a risk when they told the public ‘Don’t Fly’?  That’s what BBH would have you think. But given that it was only launched in June it wasn’t much of a gamble: more like preaching to the converted.

What was inspired was their online campaign that enabled you to see a jumbo jet taxi down your street, and the #homeadvantage hashtag has been seen in hundreds of thousands of Tweets.

British Airways told us to stay at home

Paddy Power

Paddy Power tested LOCOG’s resolve with a brilliant campaign, that apparently evaded any of the highly restrictive marketing restrictions. Sadly LOCOG’s lawyers forced them to retreat.

Paddy Power sponsored an athletics event in London…France.


We noticed that all of Panasonic’s billboards feature a British heptathlete, just not that one! Maybe they blew the budget on becoming one of the official sponsors of London 2012.

Or were they being more canny?  Jessica Ennis was bound to attract a huge amount of attention, so by proxy Britain’s 3rd best heptathlete would be bound to get much more visibility than otherwise.

Panasonic plumped for Britain’s 3rd best heptathlete


You may be surprised to learn that Nike are not an official sponsor of the Games. adidas takes that honour, at considerable cost.  But while athletes are banned from Tweeting about their sponsors, the IOC cannot control what they wear.  And Nike’s neon yellow Volt range have been hard to avoid.

These unique shoes were designed to catch the eye. Nike didn’t need their famous swoosh to make them one of the most easily spotted designs at the Games.

As the CEO of a New York marketing consultancy, put it: “It’s exactly the kind of guerrilla activity that makes marketers smile and the IOC nuts.”

Neon shoes get noticed!

This clever video about ‘London’ also went viral as Nike encouraged us to find our greatness:


And finally, although it seems like a long time ago now, you might remember the Twenty Twelve moment at the start of the Games.  Specsavers capitalised on this brilliantly:

Translation: “Should have gone to Specsavers”

By Iain Martin