At Skipedia, we love a spot of guerrilla marketing so this recent campaign by Intersport Ski Hire France impressed us.

Intersport teamed up with Paris agency VivaKi to  take over a Paris Metro station.  The idea was to create a unique way of communicating their message to the public, as well as creating some cool social buzz at the same time.

We spoke to Hélène Lengaigne , who coordinated the event.


Why did you choose that Metro station?

“We picked Convention for a number of reasons.  It has a good level of traffic, with the right mix of professionals.

“The entrance layout also allowed us to  dress the station, allow room for our performers and create the mountain atmosphere we were looking for.

“The station also allowed a wide variety of angles for the making of the video. Finally the station was also not too easily accessed by the authorities!”


When did you run the activity?

“The operation took place one morning to reach people going to work, starting around 0630.

“We didn’t have any authorization from the Paris transport authority, so there was a real uncertainty that comes with an event run ‘in the wild’.  We could end up with 10 minutes or we could get all morning. As it was we held until about 1045.”





By Iain Martin