While at Grand Ski last week, we noticed that Tignes had recently changed their Facebook page name.

The original name for the page was ‘Tignes espace killy (Official)’ – not only a mouthful, but extremely ill-suited for tagging within posts.  If you wanted to link to their Facebook page, you had to accept that the syntax would suffer!

A copy of the old look (recovered from a cache copy) is shown below:

tignes old

Tignes espace killy (Official)

Facebook name changed to simply ‘Tignes’

Brand pages on Facebook are allowed only one change to their page name.  This has to be requested directly from Facebook, and documentary proof can be required.

We asked Amandine Revenot, in charge of social media for the resort, about the change:

“We initially had to use the word “official” to differentiate ourselves from other unofficial pages, because there were a lot on Facebook,” Revenot told us.

“But it has been quite some time now that we have been planning to the page Tignes ‘place’ and the fan page, so people could geotag the resort via our page.  Fortunately, Facebook accepted the change and the merger of the two pages took place last week.”

You can see the new page below.  Note how the ‘xxxxx were here’ figure is now included, where it was not before.


The new Facebook page: ‘Tignes’

It may have taken some time, but it’s clear that the new page name makes tagging easier, and builds more value in Tignes’ Facebook proposition.  All in all, a productive and effective approach to their social media.

By Iain Martin