Browsing my Facebook News Feed earlier this week, I noticed this interesting post from Crystal Ski:

crystal facebook

Great engagement

As posts go, this has had over 700 likes, which makes it their most successful post in the last month.  It’s a clever video, editing together lots of the Crystal resort staff wishing their fans a Happy New Year.

On the face of it, it’s a cute viral success, bringing together branding and personality.

Scott Dunn steal branding space

However, it feels like a tragedy that Crystal can go to all the effort of filming, editing and sharing this video, but then to allow other people to advertise on it.

This screengrab shows a Scott Dunn display ad appearing during the video.

Scott Dunn get their branding on Crystal's video

Scott Dunn get their branding on Crystal’s video

Brands can stop Google Adwords appearing on their channel easily in settings and we recommend all brands do so.

You certainly don’t want to spend time and energy bringing visitors to your YouTube channel, and then invite them to leave and go to one of your competitor sites.

By Iain Martin