Firstly, if you haven’t already seen this incredible footage of a full Mini backflip filmed in Tignes, then press play on the video below right now!

You’ve now added to the 3.3 million views that this video has had in the first ten days since it was posted.  (And who knows what the count will end up at?)

Viral success

Half a million views a day is pretty much the definition of a viral success, so top marks to both Mini and Tignes, and most of all to Guerlain Chicherit for pulling it off.

It’s not the first time that Chicherit has taken his Mini to Tignes.  Two years ago, he pulled off some pretty stunning tricks in the resort, including a massive gap jump and even taking the car on a specially constructed rail slide:

Despite the difficulty of these tricks, the video views were unimpressive.  So the takeaway lesson is…if you’re going to do tricks in a car in a ski resort, make sure you include a backflip.  Simple, n’est ce que pas?


By Iain Martin