Google recently released some stunning data about mobile phone usage.

Everyone is aware that the massive increase in smartphone ownership has led to a sea-change in the way people are accessing the Internet.   But if mobile optimisation wasn’t at the top of your list of development changes already then this research should put it up there.

Mobile a key starting point for research

Google’s survey showed that smartphones are the starting point for 47% of all people planning a trip.

Research was then continued on a PC or tablet, but the key take-away is that if your mobile offering is not in good enough shape, potential customers might never make it to your website.

smartphone research

Planning a trip often starts on tablets

The research on tablets was more revealing.  While not used as often as smartphones as the starting point for research, ‘planning a trip’ was the most common activity that was started on a tablet.

With shopping online the other activity most likely to be started on a tablet, it supports the notion that tablet users are more affluent, and are certainly worth targeting, either via the development of apps or tablet-friendly landing pages.



Companies that adapt now and respond to the changing use of devices will have a competitive advantage that will increase as the drift to mobile and tablet increases.  Prevaricate at your peril.


By Iain Martin