If you are running an Adwords campaign you may have already upgraded your account to an ‘Enhanced Campaign’.  If you haven’t upgraded yet, you might as do so as all accounts will be automatically upgraded in July 2013.

Why Enhanced Campaigns?

There are many great features of the new Enhanced Campaigns.  Google’s general motivation is that use of mobile internet is growing so fast that Adwords requires more functionality for advertisers to get the most out of it.

Google’s own research showed that as many as 25% of all advertisers were ignoring mobile because of the difficulties of setting up campaigns.

Cynics might say that advertisers were more concerned about the low CTR.  The Enhanced campaigns now allow advertisers to use features that already existed, but make them simpler to implement.

Different ads for Mobile, but not for Tablet

The ability to adjust bids by Location and Schedule, and the changes to Extensions are both excellent.

What I find frustrating is Google’s belief that Desktop and Tablet use are essentially the same: while different ads and settings can be created for Mobile, they cannot be for Tablets.

On accounts we have been running, we have typically created Desktop, Mobile and Tablet versions of each campaign.  This is because each device converts at different rates and costs.

By creating Tablet-specific ads that made the user aware that we have created this ad ‘just for them’, we have seen some stunning CTRs.  An example of this (which we are happy to share as it can no longer be replicated!) follows:

adwords tablet

Different message for different audiences

Google might believe that Desktop and Tablet use are the same, but as all marketeers know, the more closely you can target your audience the better the results will be.

Create Mobile-specific ads

You can now create mobile-specific ads within any campaign, and of course, you should experiment with these.  An example of a mobile-specific CTA (to appear in conjunction with Call Extensions) is shown below:

Mobile CTA


There are many other great aspects of Enhanced Campaigns, but we’ll miss our Tablet specific ads – and the associated results.

Evidently mobile internet is only going to continue to grow. Every company needs to optimise for mobile first, then consider how they are going to best convert that traffic into business.

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By Iain Martin