Most ski fans will know that this is the season that just keeps giving.  This week there’s been snow all over the Alps, and in Verbier, enough to consider opening the resort again for just one day.

Verbier snow


Facebook fans would decide

Verbier decided to ask their Facebook fans to vote on the issue.   On Tuesday, they promised that if their post got over 1000 likes (and the weather was okay), that they would open on a one-off basis just for Saturday 01 June.

The response was phenonomal: 1861 Likes, 860 Shares and 225 Comments.   For a page with just under 7000 fans, that is an incredible engagement rate.

Verbier Facebook

Weather invervenes (but PR wins)

Sadly, of course, the weather is reliably unreliable.  Today they announced that rain predicted for Saturday has prevented the opening from going ahead.

Some wags have already commented on the site that there is a hint of the dark arts of PR behind the whole idea.

We wouldn’t suggest such a thing, but as they say in French, what a ‘coup de pub’!

By Iain Martin