This initial campaign ran around a year ago, but it’s worth looking at again as a great use of Twitter to generate positive brand coverage.

A new series of three TV commercials for Irn-Bru were successively launched, with a fourth internet-only ad ready to complete the campaign, hosted solely on YouTube.

Irn Bru

Launched from a single Twitter fan

What made this campaign unusual was that they randomly selected one of their Twitter followers to launch the film with a single link.  Despite only having 329 followers, due to Retweets, this single Tweet led to nearly 100,000 YouTube views in the first 24 hours and almost 700,000 YouTube views in just three weeks.

This is a great demonstration of connecting with fans, and using great content to drive brand engagement.

You can watch the video here:


Cheeky response to Coke

Since their ad last year, Irn Bru have developed their ‘Fanny’ campaign with this clever response to Coke’s personalised bottles, which has delighted the Twittersphere.



By Iain Martin