Just over a year ago, we reported that the new .ski (dot ski) domain  would be coming soon to the Internet.

This project has been developed by StartingDot –  a startup which raised €1.5 million to create new Top-Level Domains.

.ski will be the first ski specific domain name extension.

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Potential 110m registrants

Starting Dot believe there is potential for 110m registrants, anticipating global interest, and have been offering registrar companies the chance to resell since May 2012.  Their website suggests a recommended retail price of €59 per year, available in 1-5 year terms.

Their website advises that ‘.SKI web addresses will only be available to snow sports community members.’

By working the snowsports community and domain name industry experts. Starting Dot and Dot Ski have developed a unique system, combined with clear registration rules and a “monitoring and enforcement” process will keep .SKI accessible only to the snowsports community.

That sounds sufficiently ambiguous for plenty of confusion and arguments.  As businesses can submit their requests for .ski domains via their website now, we suggest you don’t waste any time.

Launch schedule

Awareness of .ski will increase significantly during the rest of this year and into 2014, as StartingDot will be attending both ISPO in Munich and then SIA in Denver in 2014.  The domains will be generally available from March 2014.

With 61% of resorts not in possession of their .com domains, this is a great opportunity for resorts in particular to squeeze out domain squatters.  In many cases, businesses may feel they have to buy the domain simply to protect their brands.

And someone, presumably quick off the mark, is going to be able to buy chalet.ski, hotel.ski or any of the more generic names and launch a new business completely.  This is certainly going to be one to watch.

By Iain Martin