Snapchat is the new social network du jour.  Valued at $800m, despite only launching in 2011, the service allows users to share images, which are then automatically deleted after 10 seconds.

As yet, Snapchat has yet to demonstrate if it will be able to generate the revenues to justify that valuation.

However, some companies have already started to use the service for specific Snapchat promotions.

First UK retailer to use Snapchat for marketing

As well as more general promotions, such as the exclusive content released by Geordie Shore, some brands have run more commercial promotions.

Co-operative Electrical claims it was the first UK retailer to use Snapchat for marketing purposes.

Users simply have to add Co-operative Electrical to their friends list on Snapchat and they are sent a £30 discount voucher.  They then have just 10 seconds to write down the code to redeem it online later.


‘More than just sexting’

It may take more time to convince brands that Snapchat is for anything more than sexting, but there are potentially some great gains to be made for brands willing to test the market.

By Iain Martin