This winter’s press pack for Méribel landed in our inbox today and the first thing we noticed was the resort has a brand new logo.

New logo for Méribel

Out goes ‘Coeur des 3 vallées’ and in comes a new focus on ‘Méribel Vallée’.

meribel logo

[In case you missed it, the new logo integrates the ‘M’ of Méribel and the ‘V’ of Vallée. Clever, innit.]

The official blurb

This might lose a little in translation, but you can sense a design company at work here:

This new brand name was created to improve the resort communication strategy and create a better understanding of the resort’s diversity and geographic organization. Our objective is to create awareness to the fact that Méribel is not simply another ski resort but more of a cosmopolitan Alpine destination allowing the fulfillment of all desires and offering answers to all requirements.

What it means…

A key part of the new branding is to highlight the different villages within the resort: Méribel Les Allues, Méribel Village, Méribel Altiport, Méribel Centre and Méribel Mottaret,

Each has a new village logo, that incorporates the valley logo and their altitude:

Meribel villages logo

For many operators, if the resort can get across the different qualities of each village effectively, it could well be a useful aid to sell more holidays.  Many customers at present struggle to understand the geography of the valley.

Chamonix has also adopted a valley rebrand

Interestingly, the rebrand and integrated village logos follows the pattern set by Chamonix earlier this year.


By Iain Martin