Skipedia highlighted this great piece of content marketing by Sun Valley in our recent presentation at Brighton SEO.

Content marketing win by Sun Valley

Sun Valley in Idaho is  a chi-chi resort, populated by celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger in winter, but in summer, like many resorts it struggles to attract custom.

The resort chose to address this by introducing a unique way of engaging their audience – ‘Skippy the Stone Throwing Robot’.  Watch the video below to find out more about Skippy:

Skippy generated $3 million of coverage

The combination of a sense of humour and the originality of the campaign led to coverage all over the blogosphere, including the Huffington Post and Mashable.

And the results were phenonomal: in the first five days there were over half a million page views and 200,000 users: users were literally queuing up to use Skippy.

Ultimately the resort estimated that social shares, online and offline coverage generated $3 million in earned media.

Clearly Skippy hit the right combination of originality, innovation and, fundamentally, delivery.   It’s not simple, but when you get the combination right, the results can be outstanding.

sun valley skippy robot


By Iain Martin