Some images capture your attention more than others, and this unusual photo we saw on Facebook this morning was one of those.


Val Thorens use #WantToSki hashtag

The picture piqued our interest, so we took a look at Twitter to see what was happening around that #WantToSki hashtag.   It turns out Val Thorens have built a whole campaign around it, as part of the lead up their winter 2013/14 opening:




Yes, but no, but yes

We really like this concept, The series of videos on their YouTube channel are brilliant and the hashtag is a great idea.   But there are a couple of challenges:

1. Hashtag highjacking
This might just be a coincidence, but we noticed Ax 3 Domaines are using #WantToSki as well






2. Random hashtag use
With something as simple as #WantToSki there is always the risk that the message will get lost among random Twitter posts using the same hahtag





But when it works, it works well

On the other hand, it was great to see some engagement.  Val Thorens noticed this Tweet and Retweeted it – hopefully we’ll see more great shots as the campaign moves on.


So what are you waiting forPartagez vos #WantToSki‘…


By Iain Martin