At the London Ski Show this week, it was impossible not to notice the large number of volunteers sourced by Natives for the show.

The ethics of internships are complicated.  There’s a minimum wage in this country and it’s there for a reason. However, if people are prepared to work for free, and they know what’s involved, then many would argue it is their own decision.

‘Here to help…’

We’re more interested in the marketing benefit to Natives (declaration of interest – the author ran the company from 1999 to 2011).

Natives chose not to have a stand this year, and instead provided the volunteers, equipping them with distinctive blue tshirts, marked ‘Here to help’.  The Natives logo was also prominently displayed.


A volunteer on the tubing slope

Credit card sized Flyers

At the registration points for tubing and lessons, credit card sized Natives flyers were available.

The flyers covered the core areas for the business – recruitment, cookery courses – as well as sourcing content providers for the coming winter.



Overall, it provided Natives with some great branding opportunities, and at a lower cost than manning and running a stand.

The volunteer v. slavery morals aside, it’s a well planned marketing partnership with the show.

By Iain Martin