After five years at the Battersea Power Station, the (London) Freeze Festival has dropped the London from its title and moved to Clapham Common.

We dropped by on the opening night to see how it looked, and if any marketing or businesses stood out.

Retro Rentals

This is one business that may do well at Freeze – Retro Rentals have been in business five years now and assiduous buying has enabled them to surf the retro/onesie/fancy dress wave that built in the last five years.



Great engagement on the One Piece stand, where they are using a neat minimalist camera booth that you can have your photo taken with and then share on Facebook. (Doing the splits is optional).


Royal Air Force

The Royal Air Force had a big footprint and a stand where you can pick up guns (literally pick them up, you just can’t take them home with you).

They looked extremely out of place, but a job’s a job I guess (although if you can afford a night out at the Freeze Festival you probably have a job already).



We liked the giant video screen from 3, encouraging engagement on the back of the massively successful #danceponydance campaign from last year.


Wild Boar Burger

Most of the Freeze Festival seemed to be dedicated to food booths, with fried chicken, chips and pizza the standard offering.  However, this business stood out…


‘I’m having a fag…’

These guys, on the other hand, are going to do amazing business – it’s the only place on site you can buy cigarettes (which have always been popular in the snowsports market).


By Iain Martin