This study was performed a couple of years ago, but all the data still has relevance for companies working within the travel industry.

The research was made in the Google Shopper Sciences ‘Zero Moment of Truth‘ study in March 2011 and looked at the actions of 500 consumers in the Travel industry.

The heat map aims to show the connection between three key questions influencing decision making:

1. When?  How far in advance do consumers start thinking about their booking.

2. What? What type of media sources were used to help them decide?

3. How much? How influential were each of the sources in the ultimate decision?

Searched online


Clearly the hotspot here is 2-3 weeks before the point of booking, although important research can take place 2-6 months in advance.   Overall Search is viewed as being very influential in the decision process.


Talked with Friends


Less influential in the decision, but still important, particularly 2-3 weeks beforehand.


Advertisement offline


Consumers did not consider adverts as being important influencers in their decision.



By Iain Martin