Probably not, but after the recent raising of diplomatic tensions surrounding the ESF in France, it’s reassuring to see some rapprochement.

This marvellous image was spotted by Ski Marmalade yesterday on the Altiport chairlift in Meribel:

Has Banksy been to Meribel?

Has Banksy been to Meribel?

Homage to Banksy

There can be little doubt that this is a homage to Banksy’s ‘kissing policemen’, which appeared on the wall of a pub in Brighton in 2004.

No coincidence perhaps that this work was in the news last month, when it sold for £345,000 at an auction.


Now worth over £340,000

Who is responsible?  Here’s our three theories:

1. Banksy

We already know he’s a public schoolboy from Bristol, so he’s bound to ski in Meribel from time to time.

He read Boris Johnson’s hackneyed piece in The Daily Telegraph about ‘deeply tanned and handsomely creased’ French instructors whose ‘eyes twinkle roguishly at his female charges’ and felt obliged to respond by questioning this cliched image.

banksy pic















2. A Banksy wannabee

All of the above, but he/she is not Banksy – they just want to be.  This guerrilla artist has just kicked off their career with a cutting political statement.

3. The ESF

As Don Draper once said: ‘If you don’t like what’s being said, then change the conversation’.

With all the negative chat around, could it be the ESF have chosen to paint a more inclusive picture of themselves that simply says ‘we are so hip and ironic, how could we be nasty?’

Please, please, please let it be the latter…

don draper









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