You have to hand it to Danish travel agency Spies Rejser, their new ‘Do It For Denmark’ campaign is going viral, fast.

The video leading the campaign was only posted yesterday and already has 385,000 views.

Do It for Denmark

Spies Travel have scored an instant success with their tongue-in-cheek competition, notionally aimed at addressing Denmark’s declining birth rate:

Free baby supplies for a year

The company is offering free baby supplies for a year, if customers can prove they conceived on their holiday.

The competition is based on the (probably invented) fact that 46% of Danes have more sex while away and 10% of all Danes are conceived on holiday.

Do It for Denmark video

Do It for Denmark

Making sex ‘even more fun’

Jan Vendelbo, MD at Spies Travel, has set his sights high. He has said they hoped to make sex ‘even more fun’ by offering great value city breaks and helping to boost population growth.

Sex Sells

It might be true that ‘sex sells’, but not everyone gets it right.

We have previously looked at the great sexy branding by Tignes, and even K2’s brilliant ironic use of sex to sell.

And for all these campaigns, there’s always something like this ‘BK Super Seven Incher‘ advert, which didn’t go down the right way.



Article by Iain Martin