Research has shown that Red Bull came out of the Sochi Games with a higher association with the event than any of the official sponsors.

Red Bull top the list

P&G best of the rest

Media tracking company Global Language Monitor calculated the figures.

Second in the list were P&G, who were recognised to have run one of the most successful ‘official’ campaigns with this viral video, now running at over 18 million views:

A media company that sells drinks

Red Bull have been closely associated with extreme events in the world of snowsports for many years now and their success at Sochi was widely predicted.

Their strategy of sponsoring top athletes, and rarely even mentioning, let alone trying to sell their product has been developed over years. Despite this they hold a 42% share of the global energy drink market.

Red Bull today are more like a media company that sells drinks than a drinks company that sponsors events.


The Best Content Marketers

Red Bull are simply the best exponent of content marketing out there.

Whether it’s diving towards the earth from space, another Danny MacAskill adventure, or simply dominating the X-Games, the list of the events they organise and invent is endless.

And long may it continue – whether you need an energy boost or not, it’s always entertaining.


By Iain Martin