With so much noise in social media to work your way through, it can be hard to make an impression.

That’s why Esprit Ski has stood out for us this season for the quality and quantity of their video content.

The best resource that most tour operators have is their staff that in resort. What makes Esprit stand out is how well they have managed to motivate their staff to create and contribute content.

Happy in Gressoney

This video from their team in Gressoney is a great version of the current ‘Happy’ meme that sells the Esprit product, the staff and the resort.

The embed below is set up as a playlist, so you can look at all the content they’ve created this season.

‘Reach for Les Arcs’

Equally impressive (if slightly less tuneful) is this video from their Les Arcs team posted to their Facebook page:

Regular Snow Reports

In addition to these one-off videos, they have also created and shared regular snow reports on their You Tube channel.

Some of these don’t even tell you about the snow conditions, but do tell you what a nice bunch of people they are at Esprit:

So how did they do it?

We asked Julia Siddi from Esprit Ski’s social media team about this winter’s activity.

During pre-season training we worked hard to encourage our staff (557 in 15 resorts) to help us out.

We have a detailed social media content plan that overseas management are part of and these activities are included in the daily work load.

We also run staff competitions with prizes for best content providers.

And has it worked?

The numbers say that Esprit Ski have had over 22,000 views on their YouTube channel. No video has had more than 1700 views, but they keep creating content and that’s the key factor.

Their Facebook Likes have gone up by 44% (all organic) since the start of the season and Twitter followers up by 26%.

Impressive as the stats are, it’s the positioning of the brand that we feel has benefited the company the most.

Their content is unpretentious, fun and friendly – who wouldn’t want to travel with a company with those credentials?


Article by Iain Martin