‘Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof”

We all know the lyric, we all know the song.  Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ has been a phenomenal global success since it was released in November 2013.

A massive improvement on the Harlem Shake

No doubt inspired by the original collection of videos posted to 24hoursofhappy, making ‘Happy’ videos has become an internet meme in itself, much like (but much more satisfying) the mainly lame Harlem Shake efforts of a year ago.

Here’s five snowsports versions that we’ve come across. If you know any others, please do let us know.

5. Happy in Les Gets

Published on 11 March, this professional looking video published on the Les Gets TV channel has had more than 23,000 views.

4. Happy in Gressoney

Published on 17 March by Esprit Ski, this version was put together by their resort staff in the Italian resort of Gressoney.

3. Happy in Sochi

Well ahead of the curve BBC Sport’s Tim Warwood and members of Team GB filmed this at the Sochi Winter Olympics. With over 166,000 views it’s the clear leader in our snowsports chart.

2. Happy in St Anton

Another professional version that makes you feel all warm and cuddly about the destination is this ‘Happy’ from St Anton. Posted on 25 March it is part of the wearehappyfrom project, which now features 972 videos from 103 countries.

1. Happy in Chamonix

This is our personal favourite.  Posted on 21 March and with over 15,000 views, this was published on the official Chamonix YouTube channel. It pulls together staff and holiday makers in the resort and makes you think (of course) ‘You know what, I would be so happy there…’


Article by Iain Martin