Montagne Leaders have recently launched their latest look at the French ski industry, analysing all the data from the 2013/14 winter season.

Among the many statistics available, one of the more interesting was an insight into those resort that are reversing the trend and are growing fast.

The Fastest Growing French Ski Resorts

The following are the top 10 French ski resorts, ranked by the increase in revenues from 2013/14 over 2012/13:

  1. Espace Cambre d’Aze  +24.35%
  2. Cauterets +18%
  3. Porte Puymorens +15%
  4. Font Romeu +12%
  5. Thollon les Memises +11%
  6. Val Thorens/Orelle +11%
  7. Les Angles +10%
  8. Guzet +9%
  9. Autrans +9%
  10. Avoriaz +9%

Posting high growth is typically easier from a smaller base.  Of the ten resorts listed here, only two (Val Thorens and Avoriaz) have annual revenues of more than €12 million and half have revenues of less than €3 million.

The rise of the Pyrenees

What does stand out is the success that the Pyrenees have had – five of the resorts listed are in the Pyrenees.

Part of this will be due to the excellent snow conditions experienced by the region last winter, but the region have been working hard to build their market share and it appears to be paying off.

Les Cauterets has seen growth of 18%

Les Cauterets has seen growth of 18%

Val Thorens goes from strength to strength

The growth of Val Thorens is less of a surprise given the number of awards the resort has won in recent years since its rebrand.

However, growing a turnover that was already €54 million by 11% to a figure of €60 million indicates that those accolades are paying off by bring more visitors into the resort.

val thorens


Article by Iain Martin